Job Type: Construction and Maintenance

Garden Construction - Creative ideas, practicality and experience.
In 2015 our wooden retaining collapsed and we called the team at Creative Choice Services for an innovative solution.

Their professionalism, high standards and attention to detail gave us the confidence to undertake this major landscaping project. The teams creative ideas, practicality and experience, transformed our collapsed retaining wall into a magnificent foundation for our house and gardens. We would highly recommend Phil and his team to anyone wanting an inventive and quality landscaping solution.
Dr Mark and Alana Gunson
A coffee rock wall with a stair through the middle made with railway sleepers.


Job Type: Gardening and Maintenance

Absentee Owner - Prompt, effective and reliable - Phil solves problems and communicates effectively.
"Phil Kinder of CCS has been contracted to undertake the maintenance of our property, Tilbrook Valley Farm, since December 2011.

During this time his duties have included mowing around the large house paddock and orchard, the maintenance of boundary fire breaks, and spraying for weeds. In addition Phil has been responsible for the 1300 oak and hazelnut trees that form our truffiere. This requires the maintenance of the tree rows by mowing and spraying, the monitoring and maintenance of the bore and irrigation system, ensuring that the trees remain pest free through the application of the appropriate pesticides, and where necessary pruning and staking the trees. To perform these tasks Phil is required to utilise and maintain our ride on mower and gator.

As we are based in Perth it is essential that Phil is able to work independently and that we can rely on him to complete tasks and deal with problems as they arise. It is also important that Phil communicates effectively, updating us on problems and progress. During the period of Phil's contract we have been very impressed with how well both the property and truffiere have been maintained and have found him to be prompt, effective and reliable in all his communication and documentation. Phil has been quick in learning the skills required for the maintenance of our farm and truffiere. In addition he has been proactive in identifying areas where he feels changes will benefit the cost effectiveness and, or, productivity of the business. In conclusion we have been very happy with the services Phil has provided over the last year and look forward to utilising CCS for our ongoing maintenance work."
Tilbrook Valley Farm, 2012

Job Type: Kanga Hire

It was a pleasure dealing with Phil, and I would not hesitate to recommend his prompt and reliable service.
"In need of a trench digger for a communications conduit, I was reluctant to hire a machine for a whole day when a couple of hours would have been sufficient. The solution-dig it by hand. Only 100m or so and only 40cm deep. Shouldn't take long. Three days later, with blisters and a sore back I had to admit that a trench digger was the logical choice to complete the task. It was only in a passing conversation with my electrician that I discovered CCS had a Kanga trench digger.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I could hire the machine for half a day and as an additional service, the machine would be delivered to my property and collected on completion. The Kanga machine and ancillary equipment were in very good condition and obviously well maintained. It was a pleasure dealing with Phil, the proprietor of CCS and I would not hesitate to recommend his prompt and reliable service."
Lapko Rd, 2015

A photo showing a garden bed along side a verandah wall. Small plants with flowers are in the garden bed.

Job Type: Gardening and Maintenance

Absentee Owner - Happy to rely on CCS and always impressed
"I have engaged CCS over the last 12 months in regards to maintenance work in and around my Denmark investment rental property. I have upgraded and renovated several areas within my property and I have been extremely impressed and happy with the work completed. I requested a number of specific items for the renovation e.g. with certain wood grains, and the service and delivery was fast and efficient.
Phil completed a wooden handrail for my staircase and managed to match the wood grain and complete the job in good time. He has also fitted some new windows and patched a split in my Sheoak kitchen bench top without any problem. My outdoor entertaining area/garden/drainage has also had many improvements thanks to Phil.
I highly recommend CCS if you are in need of any advise, woodwork skills or house and garden maintenance. He completes work to a very high standard and I will continue to engage them for future renovations.
As I do not live in the Denmark region, I have been happy to rely on CCS to complete any work without supervision from myself, when I finally see the completed work I am always impressed. "
Julie and Ron, 2014

Job Type: Kanga Hire

Great service and great advice!
"I recently had Phil from CCS complete some Kanga work at my home. He not only did a great job but had some great suggestions around my landscaping. Great service and great advice!"
Eclectic Events, 2015